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Default Careers in Web Development

Hey guys,

I used to mess around with some html and css years ago and have since kind of lost interest in it. Now I am looking to change career fields and am starting to look into web design/development. I have a pretty basic understanding but I was wondering what you guys think is the best first step. Is it worth it to get a degree or certification? What are the best online resources I can use?
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Degrees aren't worth it. Too much change happening in computers all the time.

Pluralsight, udemy, etc are great to learn from(that's where I learn from).

I recommend learning Node.js, Python, Java, and / or C# (only if doing Windows Servers(asp core etc)) All of which can be used for more than just web dev. JavaScript is useful in coding mobile apps, python is great for creating Maya plugins as well as other stuff, Java is useful all around for web servlets / applets, app dev, etc, as is C# except C# can be used with Unity3d and CryEngine5 to create games. This is just back end / full stack.

For front end, make sure you know HTML5, bootstrap framework for CSS, CSS, Javascript(jQuery, AngularJS, Node.js, etc)

You really need to focus on one side be it front end or backend, I personally am focused for Python and C#, I don't mind ASP.Net, however I can run Django if I need to. Nginx can run ASP.NET Core as Microsoft has been focusing on cross platform.

C# also lets me develop in Unity3d, and CryEngine 5 as I stated before. Therefore it's overall better for me. I own Maya and I model / rig and animate in it therefore knowing Python comes in useful at times.

Anyway that's just my two cents. If cerjam comes on here he'd be able to tell you his way, as he's an active web developer. He uses PHP5, which is good just not as useful as say C# or Python or Java as I stated above.
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